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Friday, September 24, 2004

Nerd of the Week 2 

This week it's an old favorite: writer, editor, blogger and scientist (not to mention forever permalinked) Kathryn Cramer! She wins this week's award for this post, including the words
Sometimes I am struck by the pure poetics of scientific language. I am charmed by this title and first line from the new issue of Nature.
The article is about quantum teleportation, and the title is "Demonstration of a quantum teleportation network for continuous variables." I agree, it is beautiful language, though this may be the allure of a foreign tongue. I speak neither Physics nor (much) Math. I'm encouraged that someone who actually understands it thinks it's pretty too.

Someday I'll get around to designing one of those cute award graphics that winners can put up somewhere, should they happen to have web pages.

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