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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drinking Dulls Threat Response 

If only I'd read this story before Saturday. I at least might have drank less and been more aware that the possibly lycanthropic girl who made my ear all pretty like this was not just playing around. Oh well.

For the record, I'm on Augmentin, Cipro, and Vicodin, and the swelling has finally gone down.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Success! ... and the drugs fueling it... 

So I finally finished my thesis. That means that, assuming I bother to turn in my last couple of final exams, in a few weeks I will officially have my MPH! Go me.

Now I just have to rewrite the whole thing and clean it up and publish it. Which would be a great deal easier if I didn't need to sleep. Apparently, many other scientists feel the same way, and have been taking all kinds of yummy performance enhancing drugs to churn out more papers in less time.

Does my insurance cover Provigil?

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Top Yawn 

As a food geek, I have been watching Bravo's Top Chef with ... eternal optimism. The entire concept of the show guarantees disappointment, I think, because ultimately the viewer can't taste the food. With Project Runway, you can see the clothes and at least make some kind of judgment on their relative merits; not so on Top Chef.

Iron Chef manages to be more interesting, I find, because it at least focuses the viewer on things that a spectator can judge - technique, presentation, how the food is getting made and the ideas that go in to making it. Top Chef started out doing a good bit of that, but increasingly the focus has been on the canned Reality TV Melodrama of the contestants' fights and whining and pontificating, mostly about topics only tangentially related to food.

It's too bad, and a part of why I dislike the whole chef-as-celebrity thing that has gained so much momentum since Wolfgang Puck (at least). That is that the food ends up getting second place to a cult of personality. And I think that detracts not only from the ability of many proper chefs (the kind who aren't photogenic enough to go on TV, for instance) to make a living, but also from the quality possible from those who do Make It Big On TV. The culinary world should take a caution from the auto industry - Lee Iacocca was brilliant at making cars, until he started being a celebrity too. And then he became a celebrity who also made cars. He retired rich, but do you have any idea how many transmissions my old Caravan went thru??

So yeah. My feelings on Top Chef and other things. Now back to my thesis.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Best News I'll Have All Week 

Two things today...

First and foremost, I learned that I will most likely not be unemployed come graduation - I have an offer from the CDC. Which is awesome. It's in Atlanta, which I was hoping to avoid, but ultimately liking what I spend 8-12+ hours a day doing is my top priority. So yay me!

And for all three people in the universe for whom my employment status is not thrilling news, it turns out that caffeine may help prevent Alzheimer's. American researchers found that a daily cup of coffee improved the function of the blood-brain barrier in rabbits, the failure of which has been implicated in the disease. And we all know that any excuse for another cup of coffee will do!

Also, have you all seen this site? It's kinda awesome. Vicious, yes, but awesome: Scorned Woman Ecards.

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