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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Fair and Balanced 

Not. The Washington Post used to be a pretty good paper. Now it caters to the White House's political wants. The evidence? This bit of tripe. In an article about the GAO's investigation of Bush administration Medicare ads, the writer, Amy Goldstein, cries "election-year jockeying" on the Democrats who called for the inquiry. First of all: duh. They're always pulling shit like this. But so is the other side. She never even hints that the ads may be, as suggested by there being an investigation in the first place, Republican jockeying. And she paints the Medicare bill as a wonderful, helpful thing. Which it is not. The added drug benefit is opt-in, at the cost of having any provider choice, quality control, not to mention about three times the budget that was given when the law was passed.


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