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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Hearth and Home 

Three more articles came to my attention today, each relating to home life in some way.

First of all, biologists at Mass General have found that female mice continue to produce eggs in adulthood, contrary to conventional dogma: we always thought females were born with a number of eggs, released them beginning at puberty, and ran out to cause menopause. Maybe not. Good for infertility treatments!

Penn State researchers have developed a microbial fuel cell, which burns human waste for energy: power your home with your shit! Talk about renewable energy: just put one under Congress!

Those crazy Germans are at it again, this time getting ready to test a robot which will 'squirt out' buildings, using concrete or adobe or something else, like toothpaste from a tube. Remember how they built houses on "The Jetsons?" Nothing like that at all, but still pretty cool.

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