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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Matchmaker, matchmaker 

So Match.com has a physical attractiveness test thingey up. The main problem is that the photos they have to rate are all photoshopped up, and many look just ridiculously fake, making it hard to rate them for attractiveness. My result: the cute guy. Yeah, of the group, the one they picked out for me is the best looking. Not really someone I'd see myself with long term, however. But then again, they do want to stay in business!

They also say that of those surveyed (10,000 allegedly), only 16% share my tastes. Not likely, but again, they want to stay in business (and want *my* business)! I'm supposedly in to "boy next door" and "pretty boy" types, which isn't totally wrong, misses the guys I usually am most attracted to: tall and mysterious, with a psycho killer streak (yeah, I know I need to stop dating those guys!).

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