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Bernhard Schlink

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Changes for Better Living 

What looks like a decent clinical trial has shown that extract of the Chinese mushroom, Cordyceps, helps stem aging and improve fitness. Now I just need to find where to buy them...mushrooms are tasty!!

Almost everyone likes sweets, that's why they're called "treats!" And some people will even trade their private information to get some! They are stupid. But help is on the way!!! It turns out that exercise, which is healthy, decreases sweets cravings. So every time you want a candy you shouldn't have, go running!!

More bad news for gourmands: calorie-restricted diets prolong life and improve health. The question is, do they mean 'restriction' as in 'not much food' or as in 'less than porky Americans tend to eat'?

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