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Monday, April 26, 2004


I participated in the March For Womens Lives yesterday, and helped out the John Kerry campaign while I was there. It was amazing...the number and diversity of the crowd, the really, really impressive organization: I've been to rallies with only 50 people that didn't go off so well.

The thing about "choice" is that it's not just about abortion. If Uncle Sam can tell women what to do with their bodies, he'll next decide to tell me what to do with mine: he says I can't get married; he'd like to say I can't have sex (the Supremes at least for now rejected that!); etc. What's next? Who can/can't have kids? When? Who gets to live where? Slippery slope people, slippery slope.

Jeanne D'Arc has a great post in a similar vein.

Please help out with the Kerry campaign. He's an amazing guy and will (yes, I said WILL) be an even more amazing president.

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