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Thursday, April 01, 2004

For the Birds 

I may be falling for an April Fools joke, but here goes: I really don't understand this concept at all. Why on earth are people trying to use pigeons to carry data? I read the explanation of Google's PigeonRank some time ago, and thought it was a strange metaphor or something. Does Google actually have pigeons? I'm so confused!!!!

In less questionable news, scientists have found that birds share a key language gene with humans. Anyone who's taken a neurolinguistics, developmental or cognitive psychology/neuroscience class remembers learning about how songbirds learn and practice their songs. Now, there's a gene tied to that acquisition. The key expression of FoxP2, the gene in question, is in Basal Ganglia. Which is a very interesting place for it to be...GB is associated with learning and habit formation, but not (to my knowledge) language. The web gets more complex (as usual!).

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