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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Learning and Memory 

These are two of my favorite things, but I wish I was better at them. From today's scnews, I learn I should take the following steps:
1. Stop drinking. This is maybe the most depressing thing I've read (besides almost anything about American politics) all week!
2. Become a female chimp. Very interesting....I wonder if the actual publication talks much about the memetics alluded to in the summary?

Also, an experiment shows that people seem to have very limited visual short-term memory, tied to the posterior parietal. The number of items that can be held seems to be about four. I did some research on visual enumeration in college, and wonder if this has anything to do with subitizing? The upper bound for subitizing (as opposed to counting) is generally about four. This would be an interesting addendum to that: subitizing research has mostly focused on magno/parvocellular pathways. Cool!

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