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Friday, April 02, 2004

Sciences Big and Small 

Two papers published in Science today may help elucidate how body weight is regulated, including how setpoints are set. This has implications for everything from obesity to anorexia to any number of other things. Leptin is one of those funny systems that very subtly seems to affect everything.

Green tea, which is frequently touted for its health benefits, including helping with weight loss, has been found to block intercellular communications necessary for Leukemia cells to survive. I hope they spread the word about this ASAP. I have a personal interest here, so I am very very excited.

And here's yet another reason for all those people who scream about the evils of stem cell research to, in the words of TNH, "Fck ff nd D:" Stem cells in mice have been convinced to grow into bone marrow and blood cells, which were then successfully replaced into the original animal, an effective "transplant" that could, as above, help treat leukemia (and other disorders).

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