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Monday, May 24, 2004


After Spain, I spent a couple days crashing with a friend in the City That Sleeps Too Much. Getting to her place from Heathrow was a breeze: the bus goes from right in front of the terminal to near her house! So, we went out for some fantastic Indian food, went pubbing, the next day had a Mass Transit Experience (in which the system got us where we wanted to go, just a few hours late), ate a full English Breakfast (my first...I'm duly impressed), and then went shopping and later more pubbing. I've now drunk both at the World's End and Halfway House (which I highly recommend: very cheap!!). Bought a vintage blazer because it was there.

Not the most traditionally 'cultural' visit, but a blast. Of course, the entire time I had images from The Satanic Verses running through my head. Which, along with associations to a certain other novel, made our trip to Knightsbridge rather interesting.

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