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Friday, May 07, 2004

Rock stars...is there anything they DON'T know?  

Apparently. Britney Spears has, in her newfound dedication to Madonna-style Kabbalah, has gotten herself a tattoo. As many others have I'm sure pointed out, there's so much irony here it hurts.

First: the tattoo, supposed to be the Hebrew for "New Hope," actually is gibberish. Oops!
Second: Jewish (and, of course, Kabbalistsic) law forbids tattoos. Oops! Again.

I'm all for people finding their spirituality and all, but ferfucksake, this whole Kabbalah business is ridiculous. Roseanne Barr at least is actually Jewish. Madonna can be forgiven somewhat because she is, well, *Madonna*. Spears, however, is a wannabe at best, and I'd much prefer things like mysticism far, far out of her hands. Not that this lot is even remotely serious about Kabbalah (or much else, as far as I can tell), but even so.

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