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Monday, May 24, 2004


Sevilla is a pretty cool town, I think. I didn't get to do much there, but my sense is that it's someplace I'd like to spend more time, particularly after I get my Spanish to a quasi-respectable level.

I was really surprised how few people spoke English...in my travels elsewhere in Europe, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, even Germany, people all spoke English. Not in Spain. My sister explained that this was likely because all TV and movies there are dubbed into Spanish, as opposed to subtitled, and as a result people are not as constantly exposed as in other locales. Very interesting.

Food: I always associate Spanish food (particularly Andalusian) with lots of fish and rice and peppers. Imagine my surprise at the plates of pork, sausage, potatoes and eggs. Not as healthy a vacation as I'd expected, but very tasty!! And of course I drank a fair bit of Sherry (even spent a day in Jerez, tasting).

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