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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Vacationing with family 

My parents are the people for whom tourist traps are built. They will go anywhere advertised in a brochure as Exciting!, Beautiful!, and/or Full of Local Somethingorother! They will pay €20 per person to go on a boat tour of a city in which all the interesting sights are.....inland. They love tchotchkes. But they´re my parents and I love them. They´re also paying for this trip.

The other thing they havetendencyncy to do is to identify a Beautiful! Scenic! Historic! spot, usually remote, and decide to stay there for a few days/nights. These spots are invariably better suited for a day or at most weekend trip. Lots to see, but really the tour only takes two hours and there´s only two restaurants so....

But I will give my mother credit: as the only stick driver of us all, she managed to maneuver the rental car up steep, narrow streets without actually killing us.

More to come.....

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