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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Idiots, and a Rant. 

Nowadays, for all the progress yet to be made in the womens rights movement, there are ways that women get treated much better than men, for stupid reasons: I used to belong to a gym, where they had to switch locker rooms briefly during renovation. The women complained because they thought the [usually] mens' room was nicer, and threatened to sue if they weren't switched permanently. The club agreed, because they knew they'd probably lose. Even though the mens room was bigger because: more men were members.

There are, however, times where men get stupid about the double standards. Case in point: some guy in New Jersey felt annoyed because he had to pay full price at ladies night. He complained to the state, whose civil rights official agreed. No more ladies' nights in NJ. Stupidstupidstupid. Another case of I-can't-get-laid-cuz-I'm-a-bum-so-I'll-blame-feminism. Why can't we have some action on important issues?

F'rinstance: office dress codes. In the gross, sticky heat of a Washington, DC, summer, my female coworkers are free to wear short skirts (well, shorter than pants anyways), sleeveless tops, and open-toed shoes. Men, however, are stuck with more or less the same wardrobe we have in winter: long pants, 'nice' shoes, collared shirt. Yeah, we can get away with a short sleeve here and there, but I'm lucky: my office doesn't require a jacket. Even in more formal offices, while men sweat in suits, women can wear a lightweight dress and open shoes. This pisses me off.

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