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Friday, June 25, 2004

Let's Do the Time Warp (Again) 

Last night I went to a preview showing of the Actors' Theater of Washington's production of The Rocky Horror Show, at Nation. There were a number of technical issues they'd not yet worked out (hopefully the mics will work by opening, for instance), and the set was a bit awkward (Nation is a great space on, say, Bjork's budget, but harder in real life), but the show was a blast.

It was really hard to dissociate the show from the movie, which I've probably seen a million times, but the show is so different in so many ways it was an incredible trip trying. I associate the specific voices, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and especially Patrician Quinn with the characters so much, it felt wrong until I got into it. This version also has a few updated bits in it, which threw me off the rhythm some: not a problem with the show, just with the audience! A few audience members did the whole participatory bits (yelling stuff, only), which was kindof odd at a live show, but fun.

Highlights: Meagan Flannery (Janet) was the star, hands down, with Nick Blaemire (Rif) in second. Rick Hammerly's Frankenfurter didn't have the grace or subtlety of movement and expression Curry had, although his voice was quite good, especially on "I'm Goin Home." "Superheroes" was also beautifully performed.

Go see the show....but probably wait a week or two till all the kinks are out (or in, depending!)

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