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Monday, June 07, 2004


Ernie suggests propagating this meme over at his [brilliant] LYD, and I'm going for it. Three stick-your-head-in-an-oven bad songs: (the problem, of course, is limiting myself to three...and not repeating Ernie's worst)

Whitney Houston: "I Will Always Love You."
Even before it was overplayed to death and involved with the utterly overrated crap that was "The Bodyguard," I hated this song. Twee lyrics, over-dramatic vocals attempting to cover for lame music, and I've also never liked Whitney's voice (she was a damn fine singer, just not to my taste).

Eric Clapton: "Tears in Heaven":
I know everyone is supposed to feel for Mr. Clapton his son's death, and fine...I would, except for him exploiting it so ruthlessly in his crap easy-listening (why do they call it that...it's not!) muzak. Didn't he used to be cool?

Limp Bizkit: "Nookie":
I actually only pick this song as exemplary of Limp Bizkit and all the misspelled angry white crap out there. Growing up surrounded by the punk scene, I remember when music was angry because there was shit to be pissed off about. Minor Threat, for instance, was angry about drunk assholes and inequity. The Clash were engaging in all-out class and political warfare. If these a-holes stopped being so nasty all the time maybe they'd get laid more without paying!

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