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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Nothing shakes my faith in natural selection more than the persistence
of human stupidity. Harlan Ellison once wrote that it was, along with
Hydrogen, one of the two most common elements in the universe. Today's
health news supports this theory:
Rich parents are most likely to refuse to immunize their children. Poor people can't
afford it, that's simple, but ferfuckssake if you refuse to immunize
your kid for any reason (yeah, Ok, some people have religious beliefs
but those are stupid too), your genes clearly are not fit to pass

HIV/AIDS infection rates are way up worldwide. There is no excuse for this disease. And again,
it is largely the religious fuckwits to blame for propagating it: they
don't want to talk about sex, they don't want people using condoms and
lie about their effectiveness, they insist on meritless abstinence-only
education. If we had a serious discourse and prevention plan in place,
There. Would. Be. No.

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