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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


As much as I pride myself on the ability to function fully on little sleep, I'll crash eventually: an evolutionary hangover it may be, but we're still stuck with it. Songbirds, however, may hold a key to needing it less: migratory birds have been found to go on much less sleep without cognitive or physical decline during their migratory seasons.

During migratory seasons, they sleep 85% less than at other times, and exhibit much shorter REM sleep latencies, less slow-wave sleep, and (possibly) increased HPA function. Does this combo sound familiar? It should: these are all symptoms of people with bipolar and depressive disorders. Tons of interesting research potential there, too!

I just want a 'bird pill' to make me need less sleep...but first we have to find a way to avoid being drowsy all the time (which the birds are), because even without the cognitive problems I associate with being drowsy, it's no fun.

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