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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Blog Meme 

Or is that "Bleme?" A couple others have posted these, so since I haven't the time or inclination to write a real post, here's mine:

You are a XPIG--Expressive Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Catch.
You are a magazine-cover, matinee idol dreamboat. Parents love you and want to set you up with their kids. However, first dates are tough because it takes time for your qualities to come out.
You are generous and kind. You think first and act later. You are cool in a conflict, but your practical side means if your partner throws out emotional appeals ("why can't we do what I want for a change?") they will grate on your nerves, even when the conflict is resolved.
You're a romantic. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and you don't just fall into bed with anyone. You pay close attention to your significant other's needs, and this makes you an excellent lover and partner. The problem is that your friends and lovers may find it so easy to express things to *you* that they lose sight of whether you feel as comfortable with *them*! This doesn't necessarily make you feel under-appreciated -- you're too well-adjusted and self-aware for that -- but you may feel restless. Thus you seek adventure in your life outside the relationship to prove and actualize yourself.
Of all the types, you would make the best parent.
You are coiffed.

Didja see "Big Fish"? 'Cause you're like Ewan MacGregor in "Big Fish."

I didn't see "Big Fish," but any comparison of me to Ewan MacGregor is probably OK in my book! Also, the first three sentences don't match: I'm a dream-boat (fine, ok, sure), parents set me up, but it takes a while for my qualities to come out. Huh? Yes, that third bit is definitely true, both about first dates and my qualities, but it's a non-sequitor there.

I am very attentive, and do tend to lose sight of my own needs while taking care of everyone else. Well-adjusted is another story.

Funny thing about the 'best parent' bit...I'm not at all sure I will ever want kids.

I think I'm pretty well coiffed.

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