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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

So Offensive 

MTV used to be cool. Back in the 80's, when they played videos all day and night (and had more than six at a time in rotation, gasp!), only briefly interrupted by Kurt Loder or Tabitha Soren announcing the news in their best I-went-to-journalism-school-for-this-shit??? voice. And even the beginning of the Reality TV era, The Real World (One and Two) was good. It was new, it was interesting, the people were as close to 'real' as you can get on-camera. Then, Everything Changed. MTV all but gave up on music, and as far as I can tell fired all their program writers and execs and replaced them with semi-retarded 12-year-old boys.

But just when you thought Fox had taken the prize for demeaning, offensive programming, MTV strikes back!!! While it seems innocent, a show helping kids come out to their parents (which, thanks in part, I'm sure, to MTV's love for anti-gay stereotypes and artists, lots of kids need), the casting call belies the awful bit: "...we'll explain this hilarious new show..."

Yeah, because risking your relationships with your entire family and turning your life inside out is bloody funny! And no one could possibly get hurt. My parents didn't freak when I came out to them, but if I'd done it on international TV, I would probably not be alive today.

(hat tip to Chrisafer)

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