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Thursday, September 16, 2004

DOQRAPS: Tech Edition 

I suspect that any use a mouse in said internet surfing, and that, consequently, we are all intimately acquainted with some degree of repetitive stress disorders, and/or carpal tunnel syndrome. Science may have found an answer! The "nouse" is a video-based tracking system that lets you navigate your computer using your nose and eyes!

Great idea, I say. I'm all for not using the mouse. It would make my wrists so much happier. I do not think, however, that I would sacrifice any of my few remaining shreds of dignity to this cause by nose-pointing like a bloody spaniel. I also seriously doubt how well this would work. People blink all the time, sometimes multiple blinks together, naturally: how many false-clicks is that going to produce? I know I certainly don't sit still in my desk chair and keep my head in one fixed position all day: I move around, answer the phone, etc...how can the camera keep tracking its focal points through all that, and how long does it take to reset?

This technology sounds much more useful to me as a springboard, or even just a proof-of-concept, than an actual product. I'd rather wait till I can do it all telepathically.

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