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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tea and Pretention 

Tea is almost certainly my favorite non-alcoholic beverage. I like almost all kinds, depending on my mood, although I have to be really desperate before I go anywhere near that Liptons muck. I keep a hefty stash at my office. Green with Jasmine, Darjeeling, Earl Grey to have with cream and a bit of sugar, Roselle (black tea with hibiscus...it's really fantastic, especially iced!).

Today someone else left a box in the kitchen of something I had to try: Mango + Orange Ceylon. The packaging is what really strikes me. It is delightfully pretentious!
"Sure you love tea," it croons, "but have you ever fallen deeply in love...for* one tea...get ready for this heart-wrenchingly delicious blend..."

Now, I will say, great tea can be amazing. But ferfuckssake, enough already...it's good, but I'm not going to, you know, *experiment* with it!

*also, is this Engrish? You fall in love, not for it!

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