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Monday, September 06, 2004

Weekend Roundup 

Continuing on my recent non-science trip...
Last night, we went to Taint at DC9, because it happens on Sunday and I don't ordinarily get to go, so it was my first time. By 'we,' I mean myself and two of my (straight) friends.

It was brilliant. Great venue, not too crowded (which made the waiting in line almost OK), and yes, great music...we'd expected this, having been fans of DJ RC's shows at St. Ex for some time. The funny thing is, I always have more fun at gay clubs when I go with my straight friends. Yes, it means that I won't meet or hook up with any guys, but that seems to be the biggest draw: I'm there to drink and to dance (I love and am damn good at both, if I do say so myself!), and get to not give a shit what people think. When I go dancing with my gay friends, it always ends up being a competition. Plus, my straight friends (male and female) can out drink my gay friends three to one, which means not only *don't* I care what people think, I *can't* anyways.

After Taint, we walked back up towards Adams Morgan, and stopped at the Best Jumboslice Ever. It's on U, between 13th and 14th, and it's brilliant: same greasy pizza you get anywhere else, but the vibe is totally U St, as opposed to Adams Morgan. There's Arabic techno playing loudly and spillover crowds from Bar Nun, Velvet Lounge, Between Friends. The people were friendly, smiling and saying 'hey' as you walk by (unlike in AdMo, where they just sortof push and shove and spill on you), plus, the best part: they have seating!

End result: I may need to give up working the first Monday of each month.

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