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Monday, October 11, 2004

Emailing Tokyo 

So last night was Taint. Jeff and I arrived early (as I do not have today off, boo-hoo), and got right into it. The music was brilliant (as always), and later on we ran into all of the boys on the dancefloor.

I think the absolute ... err ... highlight ... of the evening was "Le BFK," the band who performed around 11. Billed as "a paramilitary synth trash terrorism cell," the band consisted of, as far as I could tell: an out-of-costume drag queen; possibly a guitarist; a very cute DJ; and, where most bands would have backup dancers, this band had backup posers. Yes, backup posers: two very skinny boys with excessive cheekbones posing and radiating attitude. Their music sucked, but the show was a riot, and there was much laughter.

I just wish this event was not on Sunday night, as right now the contracts on my desk are a bit too blurry for my own good.

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