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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Leave it To the Church 

To condemn anything. After millennia of bashing sex as the greatest evil, church groups have a new foe: "asexuals," that is, people who naturally have no interest in sex. A minor bit in the story, but one that really struck me: how f**ked up is that?!?!?!

But yes, the asexuals are coming out. I won't say it. I swear I won't. You all know what a biology type like me must be thinking. I'm gonna restrain myself.

Ok, I restrained myself. I never said I'd do it for long. How ridiculous a label is that?! They are not asexual, unless they actually have no, err, naughty bits. They may be uninterested in sex, but that doesn't mean they haven't one. I think "Platonics" would be a much better name. It has nothing to do with gender, and it excludes the act of sex.

The media, of course, is eating it up.

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