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Friday, October 08, 2004


I've been using Mozilla for years, and when Firefox came out, I jumped right on it. Today has given me yet more reasons to love it.

This morning, I began the task of searching the NIH grantee database for a list of grant applications. This involved entering the first and last names of each PI, and then (if more than one result occurs) picking the right one based on the grant number, and then copy-pasting the abstract info into Word. And repeating, about 150 times. On Firefox (currently calling itself, on my system, "Mozilla Moonpossum"), using the autofill feature for search boxes (people's first names are wonderfully repetitive), tabbed browsing, and of course my speedy mouse-gesture navigation, I finished in about 100 minutes.

Plus, it blocks all the annoying popups, and launches much faster than IE. It's also free, and a small download. You should go give it a try.

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