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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Remember Me? 

Yeah, so I was very ridiculously busy at a meeting for the Health Information Technology project I'm working on, so I missed BlogJam and have not posted. I'm more annoyed about the former, of course, but it also leaves a fair backlog on the latter. So, here's a bunch of stuff relating to memory.

Drinking tea may help boost your memory, and also stave off Alzheimer's Disease. Green tea seems to work better than black but both do something. I question this research, given how much tea I drink and how crappy my memory is.

Testosterone deprivation appears to severely inhibit verbal memory in men. I wonder if it works in women too (since they generally have less testosterone than men but also better verbal abilities), and if increased Testosterone would improve memory?

Stressing over some things may be better than stressing over others. Stress improves recall of memorized items, it hurts complex problem solving performance. So, figure out what kind of test you're cramming for before getting stressed!

Hey this blog is not about anti aging

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Keep blogging away :-)
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