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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Retrospective Meme 

Via Kyle, an exercise in possible futility:

10 years ago today, I would have been...

1. 14 years old
2. Hating and avoiding school, discovering photography and swimming.
3. Still thinking too much about the past year: A., Wisp, explosives?

5 years ago today, I would have been...

1. Starting sophomore year, loving it.
2. Trying to push away from D.
3. Looking forward to Strasbourg.

3 years ago today, I would have...

1. Started to realise that as interconnected as orgo and molecular bio are, taking them together was stupid.
2. Been wondering what happened with A (#2) and what's going to happen with A (#3).
3. Been learning to make a killer pecan pie.

1 year ago today, I...

1. Was unemployed.
2. Had gotten way too involved with a certain Italy-bound art historian/law student.
3. Had just purchased "Eternal Youth" and "Finisterre," which are still in heavy rotation.

So far this year, I have...

1. Discovered that I can love work.
2. Realised that I can do better.
3. Had more fun because I stopped trying.

Yesterday, I...

1. Spent way too much time on the Metro.
2. Wished that there were decent condos in my neighborhood for less than $250k.
3. Went to a surprisingly fun office party.

Today, I...

1. Went to the grocery store.
2. Want to be outside.
3. Plan to go to Taint with whomever feels like it.

Tomorrow, I...

1. Will work all day, possibly longer.
2. Hope something wonderful will happen.
3. Might go see Paul's show, or maybe catch up on sleep.

The world is a disco ball. And we're tiny mirrors one and all;
remember, when you feel very small: the world is a disco ball.
(S. Merrit)

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