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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


kak·is·toc·ra·cy n Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

The big red Panic button I affixed to my keyboard some time ago seems pretty silly today. I keep pressing it, perfunctorily, to see if it helps. But I'm not panicking at all...I'm dead calm. See the lead quote at the top of the page.

Unlike so many others, I don't have a plan to leave the country (no relatives living abroad who could put me up, for starters, except a few dubious ones in Haiti). I love my job, and know I wouldn't find another one like it if I picked up and left; I don't have portable work-from-anywhere computer skills, and I skipped med school.

I know that if it comes down, I can fend for myself, fight and sneak my way out later, and end up somewhere not dead. But it all seems pretty pointless - we sit back and think about joining The Revolution or The Resistance or whatever, but we all know there won't be one. Things have changed.

I asked a Republican I know if she'd be happy to have Bush win even if it was by way of voter intimidation or outright ballot fraud. She said 'of course - that's politics.' A Democratic friend said 'well, this is just so important...I would rather win fairly, but in this case I guess we'll take what we can get.' This distinction should tell you all you really need to know.

Hopefully, I will resist the urge to say anything else about this election, since in all likelihood many or most of my opinions will soon be illegal.

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