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Friday, December 03, 2004

Being Around To Remember 

People tend to lose their memory as they age. It's annoying, and causes problems. But, some middle-age memory loss may be reversible with Magnesium supplements. I'll be interested to see follow-ups on this research, because I'm not sure I buy it.

And today from DOQRAPS, we have an apparently credible (until now, perhaps) Oxford scientists who claims that we'll all soon be living 1,000 years. Now, I don't buy the boredom argument against eternal youth (I could easily spend that long reading all the books currently on my list, let alone those to be added!), nor am I concerned about playing God (we may have created him/her/it ourselves anyway), but really, until extraterrestrial colonization becomes easy and pleasant, we need to keep the population explosion as under control as possible. Earth will get really crowded really fast if no one dies predictably. Also food will be a problem.

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