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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Capt. Obvious Strikes Again! 

If low-income single mothers went to college instead of sitting around collecting welfare (or trying to work the three (or more) minimum-wage jobs needed to provide for their child, thus neglecting them), they could earn a real living and we'd all be better off. She'd be able to get a better job, go off welfare, and properly take care of her kid(s). This should be an obvious progression to anyone who's actually thinking. Now we have research to back it up.

To those certain political groups and politicians who want to just cut these women off, leaving them to 'fend for themselves' - which they will never do, they'll always have to go to safetynet healthcare providers and their kids will be more likely to turn to crime unless their situations improve - in the name of it being 'expensive to help them: think of the taxpayer money that was needlessly spend studying this obvious idea!!

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