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Friday, December 17, 2004

Food and Drink 

We've heard about drunken flies before, now researchers have found that Insulin may determine susceptibility to alcohol's intoxicating effects. I wonder if anyone out there has any experience or knowledge - do diabetics (either type) have markedly different alcohol tolerances? I do know that alcoholics are hugely more likely to develop diabetes, but I wonder if this goes in the same or a different direction.

Insulin is also key to how the body handles food. And how we eat, as we all know, has big effects on our health, particularly on our cardiovascular health. A new diet regimen, proposed in a possibly tongue-in-cheek fashion, that will allegedly reduce risk of cardiovascular event 76%, sounds pretty good to me. It includes, fish, wine, garlic, vegetables and chocolate. Some of my favorite things. It may or may not make me healthier, but it sounds tasty!

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