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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Memories.... (more and more) 

I know I suffer from the occasional memory lapse, and certainly am known for my lack of ability to focus for long periods (aka, ADD). Wouldn't it be nice if I could just pop a little green (/yellow/red/blue/brown/whatever) pill and have those problems evaporate? It may soon be possible, with a new generation of mind-enhancing drugs on the horizon.

The thing is, what will be the side effects? Of the compounds mentioned there, I've only had experience with one: Donepezil, or Aricept; various patients at the hospitals and senior centers where I've worked have been on it. It seems to help their Alzheimer's, yes, but the side effects are brutal: nightmares, blood pressure problems, sweating, and sometimes hallucinations. Thanks but not.

Modafinil sounds like the one I'd want to try. But I'm sure I won't, given that I'm (a) too poor and (b) know better than to just go pill popping at random. Oh well, maybe soon they'll add it to the water!

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