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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Reproductive Fun 

Despite what the messages constantly flooding you inbox say, there is not currently any real way of making your dick bigger. But, doctors have developed a new surgical technique to help the few men who really are seriously underendowed (under 7cm/2.5 inches). From a physiological standpoint, this is really a breakthrough - previous attempts have been totally unsuccessful or at best have left the patient with a large, sensationless member. Also, this technique could help FTM's be more, well, M.

On the downside, an ingredient in many shampoos and moisturizer may be dangerous to gestating fetuses. I wonder if we'll hear from these people about that?

Also of interest for those looking to have kids: being born in May may increase chances of developing Multiple Sclerosis later on, while being born in November may decrease them. This could be crap, but the vitamin D hypothesis is conceivable, so you know, get your freak on around Valentines, not Labor day.

UPDATE: Kids whose mothers were depressed duing pregnancymay be at higher risk for behavior problems.

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