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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Will Eisner has died. There is an article about him here, which really says it all better than I could. I remember, when I was in Junior High I took a class on "Understanding Comics" at the Smithsonian, and he was one of the speakers. I had only been exposed to superhero books and, at best, Maus at that time, so I had no idea who this guy on the syllabus for that night was. He got up and spoke and explained where all of that stuff came from and how it all worked and why it was important to think about framing and shapes and sizes and all that other stuff you don't think about as a 13-year-old X-Men fan. I cannot wait to get ahold of his last work when it comes out this summer. He was an absolute genius, and certainly as important and influential as any other artist or writer of the 20th century. He will be sorely missed.

'Sfunny. The CD I put in this morning (well before I heard about this) is a recording - Mariss Jansons' - of Modest Mussorgsky's "Songs and Dances of Death." Synchronicity's a bitch, huh?

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