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Friday, January 28, 2005

Fit or Flab 

More fatty news today. New research indicates that fidgeters burn more calories a day and are apparently thinner than non-fidgeters. While this makes sense in concept, duh, people who move more burn more calories, I don't necessarily buy it: I'm a huge fidgeter, I absolutely am always tapping my foot or bouncing my leg or whatever, and have to get up and move around pretty regularly, and am not so skinny. Stupid population-level effects.

Another study suggests that green tea extract (or about 4-5 cups of green tea per day), over the long term, increases fat catabolism and exercise endurance. This I like. A good excuse to drink more green tea, and another way to increase my endurance for when I start going to the gym more regularly. The authors say they don't think the caffeine in the extracts affected their results, which is entirely possible (I've never heard of caffeine directly boosting lipolysis), but I wonder why they didn't just do the obvious control? Hmmm....this one will need to be replicated.

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