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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Islets of Non-Idiocy 

For the third season of their tired-before-it-began series, "The Simple Life," the inexplicably famous Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie will travel the country doing odd jobs in various settings. One stop was to be Buena Vista Township, New Jersey, where the girls were to spend a day as substitute teachers (or perhaps teacher substitutes? Asprateacher - looks like a teacher but actually just rots kids' brains). A few parents said 'hell no.' But not all of them: according to school officials, only 34 out of 340 complained.

Calling child protective services, calling child protective services!! There are 306 parental units of one or more in the Buena Vista Township, New Jersey area who would expose their children to Paris Hilton!!! If gays aren't fit to be parents, then certainly anyone who willingly lets Skeletris, Pr0n Princess of Stoopid anywhere near their own kids should lose custody.

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