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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dietary Thoughts 

It turns out that enjoying your food makes you get more out of it. It seems pretty obvious - we already knew that, say, the smell of good food can get your digestive systems going - but the interesting bit to me is at the end, where regulators decided not to publish the real truth because they were worried, essentially, about people enjoying themselves too much. Now, there are lots of complex issues here, and I'd like to know more about them, but my basic reaction is that you give people good and complete information, and eventually they'll be more likely to do what's good than if you feed them half-truths and spin.

The fact remains that no matter how much you enjoy it, there's only so much nutrition you can get out of a sno-cone; you have to eat healthy foods. I like healthy foods, but never seem to get them, because they cost more. Not so, says el WaPo. Now, we have to assume that you can get decent produce at your local Safeway...which many of us can't. Also, these things take more time to prepare than I can usually manage. I do big cooking jobs on the weekends, yeah, but during the week? I just want to come home and crash. I do not, however, eat fast food. Lots of canned tuna and frozen dinners yes, but only the (marginally) healthy ones. Now, how do I make myself enjoy it?

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