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Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Fascinating Morning 

Am I the only one who thinks maybe reviving ancient microorganisms might not be the best idea? The cryogenics research these little guys could spawn is bloody cool, and they could give amazing insights into earlier life on Earth (or, for that matter, Mars), but I can't help thinking about all those sci-fi stories where things woke up and did major damage. Nyeh. Also, cryogenics has a creepy side: you get sick or old, they freeze you until a cure is available, and you wake up not knowing anyone or anything. And most aren't likely to pull it off as well as Faye Valentine. Preserving organs for transplant is the way to go for me.

Speaking of dubious cures, dental drilling for cavities is a miserable experience, but may soon be a relic. Japanese researchers have created a synthetic enamel that can fill the tiny gaps in your teeth that dentists traditionally have had to enlarge to fill properly. Yay!

In the States, we know it as Lou Gherig's Disease, and researchers continue to ponder how to deal with Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. New research is both wired and possibly very enlightening: it seems that soccer players have an elevated risk of the disease. The article mentions ALS clusters, but isn't clear about any theoretic or established risk elevation for ALS amongst athletes in general. If there was one, it'd kinda make me happy: at least I've got some health advantages over those damned jocks!!

I watched Lost last night, because I was bored. I've only watched it a few timed before, so can someone please explain why, near the end, the Japanese woman randomly started yelling at her husband in English (for starters), and why her otherwise thick accent was absent from that bit??

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