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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Foxy Is as Foxy Does 

Some pearls of wisdom you can only learn from Rock Stars. I'm still a bit high off of Tuscadero's performance at tonight's Teen Beat 20th anniversary party at the Black Cat (an institution Teen Beat and in fact Tuscadero pretty much established in the early '90s). The show in general was great...Holland provided slick electronic pop over a slightly post-modern video montage; Hot Pursuit was fun and sexy, even if I couldn't actually hear the singer's voice most of the time; Aden, Flin Flon and Versus were each more impressive than the last. Then there was an impromptu(?) a capella performance from Butch Willis, who might be Wesley's white twin brother, and finally came the one we'd all been waiting for: Tuscadero!!!

The girl half of Tuscadero wears the years better than the boy half, but they all sound awesome together. There's a certain something to going to a show all by oneself, especially one that you know is a bigger deal for you than it would be for anyone else you know. You have to understand the role this band played in my earlier years. I fucking loved this band from the first time I heard "Mount Pleasant," which is where I spent much of my time growing up. "Freak Magnet," "Tickled Pink," and yes, even "Leather Idol" have long been theme songs of mine.

I stupidly didn't check my coat, and thus was less able to dance like I meant it, but none the less bounced and grinned like a fool and sang along to every word the whole damn time. I haven't had that much fun in ages. I hope they stay reunited for a few more shows...I'd like to see Melissa a bit more confident and aggressive, and Margaret happier more at the front of the stage (she's apparently gotten used to hiding behind her drumset in Hot Pursuit, but chick drummers are hot, so...).

UPDATE:What I apparently meant last night when I wrote "still a bit high off Tuscadero's performance" was more like "still drunk because the cute bartender kept 'upgrading' the rail drinks I ordered to the good stuff, and so I kept having more." I therefor take no responsibility for the fact that the above makes little actual sense, and is probably spelled wrong.

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