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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I love NBC's Tuesday night lineup; it's all I really watch on TV: Scrubs, which is pure genius (the writers must have worked in an ER (unlike anyone ever associated with the show by that name) - it's perfect), followed by Committed (which is up and down, but is sometimes hilarious). Tonight was two really excellent episodes of each, capped off by the new MBNA commercial. I rarely remark on a commercial, but for some reason this one made me happy.

The scene: a rugby match. The players break scrum, and one passes to Gladys Knight, who, wearing a tight red dress, does the tight-red-dress-and-heels run and dives for a try. The announcer says something like: "They both have a lot of hits, but Gladys and the team have something else in common...the MBNA [whatevertheywereadvertising]!"

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