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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Beer and Bellies 

A new marketing campaign by brewers in the UK will attempt to change womens' perceptions that beer is more fattening than wine or cocktails. If you look purely at calories per ounce, this is largely true, which is the kind of lovely oversimplification advertisers love.

They're addressing another part of the problem, that beer is usually served in larger quantities than other drinks, by serving in new "long-stemmed, third-of-a-pint" glasses. Because everyone knows that women love anything "long-stemmed," and also they have superior verbal ability so as to not feel stupid ordering "a third of a pint." It just doesn't roll off my tongue the same way, but that could be my male non-verbalness.

One question: will a third of a pint of my dark, manly ale oversweet, flowery pilsner really have less calories than my usual Stoli and [club] soda? Probably not, and I'll have to have nine of them to get any effect. But again, this is a Good Thing from the brewers' point of view!

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