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Friday, March 25, 2005


I was in Hour Eyes today, getting my glasses prescription renewed for the first time in about five years. Something tells me 18 hours on an airplane isn't a good time to wear contacts. Anyways, they had a sign up, urging customers to buy the extra-special anti-glare lenses (they cost extra), with the following statement:
In most European countries, you have to have anti-glare lenses to get a drivers license. For instance, in Japan, 28% of eyeglass wearers use anti-glare lenses.
This lead me to two conclusions: first, the people in charge of marketing for Hour Eyes failed 1st grade geography; and second, I now know I have at least one thing in common with 72% of the Japanese population, which is that I did not buy anti-glare lenses.

I suppose it's good to know I have something in common with them, besides an appreciation of raw fish on top of rice, since I am about to spend the next two weeks living among them. I'm going on vacation. No science for two weeks. None!!! Au revoir.

If they are going to try to scam their customers, they should really be a little more scientific and legalese about it.
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