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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sensationalist Slag 

Last week, the Minneapolis/St. Pail City Pages ran an article that might get its author 'disappeared'. Because that's apparently what we do in the US these days. The piece details a number of statistics to debunk the American Jingo's cry of "We're Number 1!" Many of them are dubious and easily taken out of context (if I had time, I'd go thru one by one, but I don't, so please help me in comments), but others I know to be real. It's depressing. The massive fictional finalism of America: we're brought up to believe all these things, about freedom and democracy and liberty and progress, upon which we build a base of patriotism, only to grow up and hear about how we torture our own citizens and bully our neighbors. Amongst other issues. Pisses me off.

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