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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I got this spam in my mailbox today, and was captivated by the surreality of it all. I mean, it starts out hawking me a fake "roleex," and any number of fabulous misspellings, and then goes on a tirade about discrimination and racism and noise polltion in at least three pidgeons but no actual languages. Now they not only have illiterates writing spam, but schizophrenic illiterates too! Ay-ya! Note also that it was sent via my Oberlin forwarding address.

> From: "Pete Reilly"
> To:
> Subject: The new ganaration of repliccas is here
> aerate
> Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 09:39:14 -0700
> The new craze is finnally here - one of the bast
> sites that can give you the things you've allways
> wanted to get - watchees, repliccas to be correct,
> of the bast brand s in the world! Impress you're
> lady
> with tag heur, roleex, and more. You naame it - We
> got it for you!
> mmmmm show me more
> http://cruelty.pqer.com/r/erika/beaujolais.htm
> but i for one offer you my greatest extension of
> gratitude for what you have done for this one.
> these norplant proposals aimed at poor african
> american women are based upon the concept that poor
> black women are deviant and thus less deserving of
> motherhood than white women.
> adoptable cats and kittens the event will offer
> feline seminars talks by leading.
> i m wondering if maybe it was part of suzyhart s
> post as i recall she posted under anonymous with
> her signature at the end i could be wrong but that
> s my best guess.
> dhani s last comment in the piece was i think this
> music has to be heard and i m not saying it s gonna
> like change your life or anything but it definitely
> changed mine.
> jeff não a viagem foi ótima e seu irmão e a noiva
> dele foram muito simpáticos em me buscar na estação.
> major changes by introducing error into christian
> teachings and christians are wondering and
> questioning quot what is going on? quot discernment
> of error is critical discernment conferences are.
> unfortunately i had to work that day so i couldn t
> attend the pre-party dinner gethering but i m so
> happy that you all had a wonderful time at it .
> asians tend to have lower overall cholesterol levels
> and lower incidence of coronary heart disease than
> whites but coronary heart disease is still the
> leading cause of death for all asian americans.
> so we had a cuppa tea and quot right quot said fred
> quot give a shout for charlie but it did no good
> well i never thought it would quot all right quot
> said fred.
> steve i have just logged onto your site the best
> beatles site on the web - by far!!! after being at
> the cavern last night myself.
> so that s my personal encounter with wes no real
> connection but glad to have some contact with a
> person i admire so much.
> this guy is one of my absolute heroes he plays
> really awesome ambient music on his pedal guitars
> zithers and is known for his beautiful-sounding
> homemade metal percussion instruments.
> our tax dollars would be better served in promoting
> the creation of more high speed trains which would
> decrease the need for travelers to use short costly
> noisy commuter flights.
> hagrid fez menção de nos separar mas lembro-se que
> dumbledore o pedira para me acompanhar em um
> encontro e não para me atrapalhar recuou e ficou
> observando após um certo tempo ele me soltou.
> slavery segregation and racism nbsp trusting the
> health care system ain t always easy! nbsp an
> african american perspective on bioethics.
> deborah prothrow-stith m d deadly consequences quot
> an american tragedy quot nbsp.
> he he he he he everybody is writing so do i thank
> you guy xi gwe you are doing a good job thun thun
> oslo.

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