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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bored, and a Meme 

Hot Toddy's Meme: Because I'm bored and Toddy is amusing. Pass it on.

Which song reminds you of when you worked in a drugstore in high school?
"Old Mother Reagan" by the Violent Femmes

What is your saddest memory of being in a cult?
When the pigs stormed the compound and took my roommates away - back to their evil mediocre parents and "ivy-league-colleges."

What was your most embarrassing moment that happened when lube fell out of your coat pocket?
I was at my younger cousin's bar mitzvah, and just as I'm about to slip outside 'to get some fresh air' (the air was to be shared with a ridiculously hot catering guy), a giant bottle of lube fell out of my coat pocket and I had to explain to my grandmother what it was and why I had it.

When you were kids, why did you call your little sister "Margarita" instead of her real name?
Because she was more fun when she was alcoholic.

What was the strangest thing you ever ate in Africa?
Bushman meat.

Do you ever think about that time you slept with your friend, the gymnast, in high school, and you were both drunk and messed around together?
*That* time? We were in school together for four whole years!!!

Do you ever wish you had taken things further?
Well, I mean, once he's done the splits bending any more than that approaches grossness!

When was the last time you came home drunk and watched a taped episode of "American Idol" and then decided to watch it backwards too so that the people who performed later got a chance to go first?
Last night

Were you surprised when the judges were just as harsh regardless of the performance order?
Not really. It's all rigged anyways and I know the Man Behind The Curtain.

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