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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mixed Bag Quickie 

Despite the huge amount of work I have right now, I am still going to Ann Arbor this weekend for my sister's graduation. That means I have no time to write about the following things, all of which are hugely interesting. Perhaps later, but for now, Quicky-linkey:

Pollution seems to increase the proportion of Y-chromosome sperm. Presumably, with more Y's, you get more baby boys than girls, who (usually) require X-chromosome sperm. Population control??

Wouldn't life be nice if you could seriously get by with only 2 hours of sleep, in the long term? For starters, think of all the extra pr0n you could watchbooks you could read. Scientists have found a mutation in fruitflies that allows them to live just as well on 1/4 'normal' fruitfly sleep, and to function better when further deprived. Gene therapy please!!!

Hypnosis for allergies
?? Apparently, but obviously there are some methodological questions before I'm convinced.

Moderate alcohol consumption has been found to increase adult neurogenesis over time. The release doesn't give much detail, like what kinds of neurons and where, but this is interesting nonetheless. I'm also not clear on why the authors think this neurogenesis must be tied to addiction. Then again, that might be due to their funding source.

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