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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Play Ball 

So I went to see the Nationals play the Braves last night with my parents, who have very good seats and, unlike me, can afford $6.50 hot dogs and beer. I am not a baseball fan (at all), but I could become one if the games continue to be as much fun as last night's. The Nationals won, the weather was perfect, and the game was exciting.

"Screech" may be the stupidest mascot ever. For starters, it's a chubby bird: chubby birds don't fly. When it came over to do whatever it is it does near us, my father commented, "Oh look! It's fluff the magic mascot."

Our seats are in excellent foul ball catching territory, and the guy next to us caught one in the second inning. At the break before the third, a kid (probably about 8 years old) came up to him:
"You caught the fly ball right?"
"Can I have it?"
>chuckles< >pouts< "Uhm, no." "Oh. Ok." I guess it never hurts to ask. It was a fun game. My only real complaint is the crappy beerfood selection. Blah.

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