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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Coming Around 

The story of fireman who recently recovered from a long period of catatonia (he was NOT in a coma or vegetative state like Terri Schiavo - which the BBC points out but CNN tellingly ignores) really resonates with me, and even moreso the Beeb's fascinating piece on others who've recovered from brain injury, as I have.

The key line, for me, was one woman saying that post injury, it was "like an alien landing on a planet without a map to show your way around. Or seeing the deep sea for the first time." That's almost exactly how I feel. I used to think that I had, in fact, totally gotten over it, and or at least that I would, but reading these it really hits home that there's a certain ease with oneself that you (or at least I) can't properly regain.

It's part of why I am so into neuroscience and psychology, and health in general. How our bodies manage to work at all, let alone recover from such things after so long, or hold on to them.

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